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What is Architecture Inspirations Society?

Architecture Inspirations Society is a new community for architects, 3D artists, designers who want to take their work to the next level with the best learning and designing resources.

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Join Architecture Inspiration Society if you want to:

  1. Get access to my list of Resources all in one place. 
    • Resources for free 3D models, PBR Materials, Textures, HDRI, etc.
    • Some of these resources I haven't even shared anywhere else so don't take it for granted. ;)

  2. Easily find answers to common questions and issues related to ArchViz

    • Whenever I release a video, I often get the same questions many MANY times. This website make it easier to search for solutions to those common questions and issues

  3. Learn exclusive tips and tricks 

    • I don't have the time to make videos for all the topics you guys requested.

    • So this is where you would see tips and tricks that I don't show anywhere else. Even if I do share them later, you'd still be the first to see it.

  4. Showcase your work, share experiences, and ideas.

    • Just please don't spam or mindlessly promote yourself.

About Me

Hello! 👋 👋 👋  I'm Minh, I'm a Host here, a Designer, and the founder of Architecture Inspirations, the best place to learn Vray for Sketchup on YouTube. 

Look forward to meeting you in 3...2...1...join!

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